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Application:• For assembly process in sub lines and cell production.Features:• It sends out the very torque value of "clicking" point, suitable for productivity-focused data management.
• Highly reliable FHSS method applied.
• 256 kinds of group channels and ID (3 digit 7 digit alpha-numeral) can be set wirelessly on virtually countless combination.
• Setting change can be easily done wirelessly.
• OK/NG judgement LED and the torque display are loaded on the torque wrench so the user can check the proper tightening on the spot.
• The product is compliant with NIHON TEREC (Japan), FCC(USA), IC(Canada), EU (CE R&TTE) and NTC(SDoC) and it can be used only in following designated countries: Japan, USA, Canada, EU, Thailand. Please consult TOHNICHI for possible usage in other countries.
• The product is built-to-order basis only.
TOHNICHIDigital Type Torque Wrench (CPT-G ProTork)
TOHNICHITightened Data Management System (FHDS)
TOHNICHIDigital Type Torque Wrench (CEM3)
TOHNICHI Tightened Data Management System (FHD)TOHNICHI Tightened Data Management System (FHD)TOHNICHI Tightened Data Management System (FHD)
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