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Application:• For tightening inspection (one-way communication)
• For assembly use (bi-directional communication)
Features:• Transmits the tightened data by Bluetooth. Accuracy }1%.
• If PC is compliant with Bluetooth, it can be used as receiver and no dedicated receiver is required.
• -BTS(one-way communication model) is for inspection purpose. By directly sending data to PC, machine error and human error can be prevented while simplifying the process management.
•"-BTD (bi-directional communication model) is designed for assembly process. Torque value setting (upper limit, lower limit) can be set on PC through pre-installed data mangement software (separately sold).
• Since the upper limit and lower limt can be set on digital basis, a single -BTD model can cover the functions of 3 or more QSP models when it requires 3 different tightening torque values.
• The product is compliant with NIHON TEREC (Japan), FCC(USA), and EU (CE R&TTE) and it can be used only in following designated countries: Japan, USA, and EU.. Please consult TOHNICHI for possible usage in other countries.
TOHNICHIDial Indicating Torque Wrench (CDB-S)
TOHNICHIDial Indicating Torque Wrench (T-S)
TOHNICHIBeam Type Torque Wrench (QF/QFR)
TOHNICHI Tightened Data Management System (CEM3-BT)TOHNICHI Tightened Data Management System (CEM3-BT)TOHNICHI Tightened Data Management System (CEM3-BT)
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