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Application:• To eliminate missed tightening
• Tightening count management
Features:• Adopt the universal 2.4GHz frequency band (ISM band) approved by FCC (USA),
R&TTE (Europe), SRRC (China) and others.
• FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology enhances reliability.
• Simultaneous transmission capabilities with 256 frequency groups
(incl. 5 channels each).
• The group and ID can be set and checked by wireless with the SB-FH256 Setting
Box (optional).
• Quickly confirm transmitter and receiver communications with LED light activated
"Answerback" system.
• The battery life for over 480 thousand shots. Easy to change the battery.
• Over 150 types of Tohnichi torque wrenches, which are mostly compliant with
ISO6789 calibration procedures, can be equipped with the FH transmitter.
• FH256MC have acquired the approval for legitimate use in the following countries: USA, Canada, EU, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Korea, South Africa, and Japan. For the regions not included in the above, please consult TOHNICHI accordingly.
• Use IO-FH256 for ID/GROUP setting, and R-FH256 as receiver. Refer to "Related Products" on the right column for details.

1. FH256MC is available on any type of gClickh wrench: QL, CL,
CSP, QSP, SP, RSP, etc. (except MS-type)
2. Frequency group, 3-digit ID and Judgment code can be set with
the optional SB-FH256 Setting Box.
3. Radio wave communication error may occur depending on
the circumstances(noises or interference with other radio equipment).
Consult Tohnichi for more information.
TOHNICHIClick Type Torque Wrench (BCSP)
TOHNICHIClick Type Torque Wrench (PQLZ)
TOHNICHIClick Type Torque Wrench (QRSP)
TOHNICHI "Pokayoke" Torque Wrench (FH256MC)TOHNICHI "Pokayoke" Torque Wrench (FH256MC)TOHNICHI "Pokayoke" Torque Wrench (FH256MC)
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