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Application:•Ideal for outgoing inspection in mass assembly factory
•For inspection and tightening of critical parts in plant mentenance, aircraft building, etc.
•Can be utilized as error-proofing (Pokayoke) purpose.
Features:•Can register tightening part name, bolt quantity, torque value to enable total data management.
•LCD display shows the name of the tightening part for the user to check and the tightened data can be managed on PC.
•It prevents re-tightening error and enhances inspection efficiency at the same time.
•Tightening sequence can be set and the tightening part appears on the display in order to prevent human errors.
•Part name can be expressed in alphabet on the display with max 6 characters.
•The application software comes in set as standard for simple data management.
•Registration process can be done on PC, and sent to CEM3-P.
•Tightened data can be sent from CEM3-P to PC for data management.

1. Overall length does not inclued interchangeable head.
2. PH interchangeable head cannnot be used for this model.
3. The digital indication stars from zero in the display.
4. 2 kinds of battery charger available, BC-3-100 for 100-115V use, and BC-3-200 for 200V-240V use.
Standard Accessories
- Battery Pack BP-5
- Quick Charger (BC-3-100 / BC-3-200)
- Application PC software
TOHNICHIDial Indicating Torque Wrench (T-S)
TOHNICHITightened Data Management System (CEM3-BT)
TOHNICHIDigital Type Torque Wrench (CTB2-G)
TOHNICHI Digital Type Torque Wrench (CEM3-P)TOHNICHI Digital Type Torque Wrench (CEM3-P)TOHNICHI Digital Type Torque Wrench (CEM3-P)
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