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Application:• Suitable for tightening in mass production assembly lines.Features:• Preset type open spanner.
• Designed for narrow space use such as piping flare nut where socket cannot be applied.
• It requires the dedicated tool to change torque to prevent accidental torque change.
• Upon reaching the set torque, a clear "click" sound signals the tightening completion.
• Various kinds of width-across-flat and torque range available as standard model.
• SP2N-67N have resin handles, the others have knurled handles.
• "-MH version (knurled handles) is now available fro SP19N and SP38N series.
• Can be used in EU. Compliant with calibration procedure of ISO6789 Type II Class B.

1. Tolerance of the width is based on JIS B4650.
2. Nominal width without affix is for standard bolt.
One with F is for hi-tension bolt and one with FF is hi-tension small bolt.
3. When ordering, indicate head size repuired.
4. Not for inspection purposes.
5. For the wrench limit switch, Click here.
6. A torque wrench tester is necessary for torque setting.
Please specify required set torque when you order.
7. Customized wrench is available upon request.
TOHNICHIAngle Wrench (CTA2)
TOHNICHIClick Type Torque Wrench (MTQL)
TOHNICHIClick Type Torque Wrench (QL/QLE)
TOHNICHI Click Type Torque Wrench (SP/SP-MH)TOHNICHI Click Type Torque Wrench (SP/SP-MH)TOHNICHI Click Type Torque Wrench (SP/SP-MH)
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