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Application:• For tightening of many kinds of bolts on the production line.Features:• Interchangeable head version of QL type.
• Open end spanner, ring, square drive, ratchet, hex heads can be used as needed. A cost saving wrench.
• A click will signal that the proper amount of torque has been applied.
• Easy torque setting by graduation.
• With resin grip for CL25N - 280N.
• E-type models are with an extension handle.
• AH(Adjustable head) type exchangeable heads are available for CL50NX15D, CL100NX15D and CL140NX15D. AH adjustable head.Click here.
• Applicable to use in the EU region. Comply with calibration procedures of ISO6789 Type II Class A.

1. Overall length does not include interchangeable head.
2. interchangeable heads are optional.
3. PH type interchangeable head is not available for this model.
4. Not for inspection purpose.
5. For CL/CLE with limit switch, Click here.
TOHNICHIClick Type Torque Wrench (CL-MH)
TOHNICHIClick Type Torque Wrench (SP-N/SP-N-MH)
TOHNICHIAngle Wrench (WQL)
TOHNICHI Click Type Torque Wrench (CL/CLE)TOHNICHI Click Type Torque Wrench (CL/CLE)TOHNICHI Click Type Torque Wrench (CL/CLE)
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