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Application:• Tightening and inspectionFeatures:•F model with ratchet.
•Light weight, easy-to-read dial and suitable for inspection.
•Graduated in clockwise and counterclockwise.
• The ratchet head features 24 teeth accurately ground to provide durability and creates movement at 15 degree intervals which allows for gear ease of tightening in confined spaces.
• Since the unique tapered beam keeps internal stress constant and does not generate any friction, the wrench is durable.
• QF60N-420N. Memory pointer is standard. The other model"s memory pointer are produced upon request.
• For QFR model is applied by winch or lever block, mechanical loading type.
• For QFR models memory pointer is equipped as standard.
• Applicable to use in the EU region. Comply with calibration procedures of ISO6789 Type I Class A.
TOHNICHIDigital Type Torque Wrench (CPT-G ProTork)
TOHNICHITightened Data Management System (ACFHDS)
TOHNICHIDial Indicating Torque Wrench (T-S)
TOHNICHI Beam Type Torque Wrench (QF/QFR)TOHNICHI Beam Type Torque Wrench (QF/QFR)TOHNICHI Beam Type Torque Wrench (QF/QFR)
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