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Application:• For angle method type.Features:• WQL model is most suitable for small lot production, maintenance and after service where angle method is adopted, and also used as back up tool for angle method nutrunners.
• Snug torque can easily be preset.
• From the snug torque point to the required tightening angle can directly be read by the angle dial. Or, by setting the angle pointer to the required angle after the snug torque reaches, then, continue tightening until the pointer reaches zero on the dial.
• Efficient tightening by ratchet up-to the snug torque. The angle dial does not move until the snug torque reaches.
• Since the standard clip is alligator type, it is easy to place the clip on the adjacent assembly. A magnet type is also available.
• This wrench can also be used as a standard micrometer adjustable torque wrench.
• Applicable to use in the EU region. Comply with calibration procedures of ISO6789 Type II Class A.
TOHNICHIClick Type Torque Wrench (QL-MH)
TOHNICHI"Pokayoke" Torque Wrench (FH256MC)
TOHNICHIClick Type Torque Wrench (YCL)
TOHNICHI Angle Wrench (WQL)TOHNICHI Angle Wrench (WQL)TOHNICHI Angle Wrench (WQL)
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