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Application:• For angle-controlled bolt tightening in small lot production.Features:• Applicable in angle-controlled bolt tightening in small lot production for maintenance and after-sales service, or back up for angle-tightening nut runners.
• Designed for angle tightening in sequence for flange-shape bolt arrangement (e.g. clyinder head).
• Includes software for data management through PC.
• Simple keypad operation for setting snug torque and tightening angle.
• Compliant with calibration procedures of ISO6789 Type I Class C.

1. The values in () shows the lowest snug torque. Accuracy cannot be guaranteed for snug torque set beyond the operative torque range.
2. Overall length does not included interchangeable head.
3. PH (Pipe wrench) type interchangeable head cannot be used with this model.

Standard Accessories
-Battery Pack (BP-5)
-QH interchangeable head
-Quick battery charger (BP-3-100 / BP-3-200)
-Application PC software
TOHNICHIClick Type Torque Wrench (DQL/DQLE)
TOHNICHIAngle Wrench (WQL)
TOHNICHIClick Type Torque Wrench (TiQL/TiLQL/TiEQL(E))
TOHNICHI Angle Wrench (CTA2)TOHNICHI Angle Wrench (CTA2)TOHNICHI Angle Wrench (CTA2)
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