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Application:• Suitable for use near the assembly line or at service facility.
• Easily identify when tools require maintenance or calibration.
• LC20N2-G is available for torque checking for torque drivers.
• LC1000N2-G is ideal for torque wrench cheking for large tire wheel tightening.
Features:• Digital type.
• Wide measurement range, reasonable price and compact size. The checker has all the features for daily check of torque wrenches on production lines.
• The built-in clock keeps track of time and date when measurement was taken.
• Since initial torque is picked up by this checker, over torque of click type, so called, second peak torque, does not affect the reading torque.
• The internal memory function stores 50 data. The stored data can be easily output by a printer or PC through RS232C.
• Adapters with combination free heads-hexagon heads can randomly be combined depending on the torque wrench checked.
• Voltage requirements: AC100V - 240V. Battery pack (Option).
• LC2-G has all 3 torque units in one model (Newton, Metric and American).

1. AC adapter (BA-3).
2. LC1000N2 includes two types of socket adapters (no hex adapter) as standard accessories.
3. LC1000N2 includes power supply cable (2m x 2P flat type plug), Fixed board and Eye bolt M12.
TOHNICHIRotary Peak Torque Meter (ST2)
TOHNICHITorque Wrench Tester (DOTE3-G)
TOHNICHITorque Wrench Tester (TF)
TOHNICHI Torque Wrench Checker (LC2-G)TOHNICHI Torque Wrench Checker (LC2-G)TOHNICHI Torque Wrench Checker (LC2-G)
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