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Application:• For measuring axial bolt tension and determing tightening torque.Features:• Color display.
• Compact, light weight, suitable on the operation of field.
• With variety of functions - lamination of wave, wave detection change, AGC (auto gain control) etc.
• Bolt dimension is modified by graphic and dimension input is displayed in red.
• Interactive communication to PC.

1. Auto temperature compensation is available to connect option thermometer on TT2000C, TT2000M in the limit of -40 - 200℃. Measurement at 60℃ and more requires the sensor for high temperature.
2. Communication function by RS232C is available only for TT2000C, TT2000M.
3. Composite output, alarm output, encoder input are available to use multi connector box supplied for TT2000M or battery built-in case for option.
4. DC12V is only available to use with portable battery or battery built-in case of option.
TOHNICHIBolt Tension Meter (BTM/B-BTM)
TOHNICHIForce Sensor (FP/FG)
TOHNICHITension Meter (TT2000)
TOHNICHI Tension Meter (TT2000)TOHNICHI Tension Meter (TT2000)TOHNICHI Tension Meter (TT2000)
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