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Application:• Torque output checking for multi-spindle nutrunner.
• Torque output checking for pneumatic angle nutrunner.
• Torque inspection by retightening or loosing measuring method.
Features:• World"s smallest rechargeable rotary torque meter. (PATENTED)
• Since ST model is wireless, ST model can be installed into body of rotation.
• Torque can easily be checked by attaching ST to nutrunner.
• Measuring data can be counted automatically for up to 100 readings.
• Maximum value, minimum value and average value among measurement data is displayed.
• Data can be transferred to a printer or PC through an infrared receiver (option) or USB cable.
• If the extension bar (option) is used with ST, calibration of multiple spindle nutrunner can be economically performed.
• 2 hours" recharging gives 10 hours of continuous use.

1. Do not use ST for impact wrench or impulse wrench check.
2. For infrared data transfer, use DATA TANK (R-DT999).
3. Protector cover is attached to ST500N and ST1000N.
4. Standard Accessories: AC battery charger (BC-4), C-type plug, Leak-prevention plug, Carrying case
TOHNICHITorque Wrench Tester (DOTE3-G)
TOHNICHITorque Driver Tester (TDT3-G)
TOHNICHIRotary Peak Torque Meter (ST2)
TOHNICHI Rotary Peak Torque Meter (ST2)TOHNICHI Rotary Peak Torque Meter (ST2)TOHNICHI Rotary Peak Torque Meter (ST2)
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