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Application:•For assembly and mass production lines.Features:• The two processes of the traditional impact wrench and torque wrench are executed by one process.
• Combination of high speed provisional tightening by air motor and high precision by manual torque wrench.
• Easy torque adjustment with graduation.
• Accuracy check by torque wrench tester.
• LS-type has an added feature of a limit switch that detects missed tightening by connecting to CNA-4mk2 count checker.
• Applicable to use in the EU region. Comply with calibration procedures of ISO6789 Type II Class A.
TOHNICHIPower Torque Wrench (AP)
TOHNICHIPower Torque Drivers (AUR)
TOHNICHIPower Torque Wrench (AS)
TOHNICHI Power Torque Wrench (AC)TOHNICHI Power Torque Wrench (AC)TOHNICHI Power Torque Wrench (AC)
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