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Application:Over 250 types of standard interchangeable heads are available with specially heat-treated, high-precision processing and superior durability, which are applied to any kinds tightening or inspections works.

• The SH type spanner heads suit for the place where sockets can not be used, for flare nuts in piping and for work in narrow places.
• Notched head enables quick motion of tightening, saving the trouble of removing the head from the nut each time of tightening. The SH-N series are ideal for brake lines.
• The RH type ring heads guarantee the safe work as the axes of bolt and RH ring head are always aligned and prevent the heads will drop.
• As the QH type ratchet heads need only small swing for tightening, they suit for operations in narrow spaces.
• As the RQH type ratchet heads need only small swing for tightening, they suit for operations in narrow and low ceiling spaces.
• The DH square drive heads are the standard interchangeable head. They are useful when tightening a large number of matching screws with a common torque wrench. It is recommended to keep one set. They are used with sockets.
• The HH hex-head is for hex. socket head cap screws.
• The AH type heads are inner-width adjustable and suitable for hydraulic or pneumatic pipe tightening, maintenance works, inch size screw management, etc.
Features:For more information about this product"s variety, please visit:
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TOHNICHI Interchangeable HeadTOHNICHI Interchangeable HeadTOHNICHI Interchangeable Head
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