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Application:• It can be used for tightening in assembly lines.
• It is suitable for inspection purpose (re-tightening inspection and loosening torque inspection).
Features:• The indicator display enables the user to see the setting torque and the actual torque being applied at the same time.
• Applied torque will be directly reflected on the display by dynamic LED movement in a timely fashion.
• It indicates the ongoing torque level toward the target torque by 3 patterns of buzzer sound as well as the 2 colors of LED (blue and red).
• Preset mode and Judgement mode allows the user to use for tightening purpose as well as inspection purpose.
• Maximum 50 pc of tightening data can be stored in the internal memory and output through communication cable.
• Can be used for re-tightening inspection method as well as loosening torque inspection method.
• CPT20x10D - CPT200x19D includes the push-release type ratchet head with 72 teeth (5 degrees) as standard accessary. TQH22D has 24teeth without push-release function.
• ISO6789 Type I Class C compliant. }3% accuracy with cerficate of calibration and CE marking.
• Torque setting can be registered up to 10 different patters for each mode (preset and judgement).
• Multiple units of measurements available (Si, Metric, American).
TOHNICHIDigital Type Torque Wrench (CEM3-P)
TOHNICHITightened Data Management System (ACFHDS)
TOHNICHIDial Indicating Torque Wrench (CDB-S)
TOHNICHI Digital Type Torque Wrench (CPT-G ProTork)TOHNICHI Digital Type Torque Wrench (CPT-G ProTork)TOHNICHI Digital Type Torque Wrench (CPT-G ProTork)
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