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Application:• For large size bolt tightening.DECA 450 N DECA 900 N DECA 1800 N DECA 3000 NDECA 4500 N DECA 9000 N DECA 18000 N DECA 450N DECA 900N DECA 1800N DECA 3000NDECA 4500N DECA 9000N DECA 18000N DECA450N DECA900N DECA1800N DECA3000NDECA4500N DECA9000N DECA18000N Features:• Input torque is always multiplied by ratio of 10:1 with specially designed planetary gears.
• Since this device multiplies torque by ratio of 10:1, even large torque can be applied by just one worker.
• Tightened bolt can be measured by using DECA model with direct reading type torque wrench.
• The small cylinder diameter enables tightening operations in confined place.
• Quick turning device on input side speeds up tightening work.
• A series ranging from small to large types are supplied for various applications.
• Reaction force in every position can easily be received by reaction arm.

1. Use reaction arm (UA) whenever DECA model is used.
2. DECA450N - 3000N/Metalcase, DECA4500N, 9000N/Metalcase and hand hold handle, DECA18000N/Metalcase and caster are supplied as standard accessory.
TOHNICHISpecial Tools for Torque Driver
TOHNICHICount Checker (CNA-4mk2)
TOHNICHITorque Controller (EM250)
TOHNICHI 10:1 Ratio Torque Multiplier (DECA)TOHNICHI 10:1 Ratio Torque Multiplier (DECA)TOHNICHI 10:1 Ratio Torque Multiplier (DECA)
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