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Koyo Giken
Application:Convectional spot welders feature two electrode tips; while Table Spot Welders have a movable upper electrode tip and a wide electrode table. • Conventional 2-tipped spot welder guns (hanging type) are usually very heavy and hard to manipulate• The 2-tipped spot welder machine (stationery type) are not very flexible in terms of applicability; bigger and heavier workpieces can be very inconvenient to handle• The Spot Welder Tables are very useful for workpieces that have flat surfaceseg: panel boxes. Features:Specifications:• Preset Welding Parameters: only 2 steps (material and thickness); welding data and parameter is accessed automatically• User-adjustable Presets: up to 20 programs• Spot Counter Equipped: on-board computer automatically prompts tip dressing and tracks number of welds performed and workpieces completed• Self-diagnostic System: cooling cable diagnostic system• Error History: Error history is automatically recorded and can be retrieved for traceability and quality control• Automatic Data Updates: KOYO GIKEN provides updates on new parameters for new materials over the internet. Download and update• CustomizableKoyo giken, table weld, table welding spot, spot welding, spot weld, table spot
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KOYO GIKENTable Spot Welder
Koyo Giken Table Spot WelderKoyo Giken Table Spot WelderKoyo Giken Table Spot Welder
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