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Application:Low Cost - Built for Efficient, High Production Operation
The IK-54D is a precision, quality constructed, hard-working gas shape cutter built for high production. Compact and simple to operate, this machine excels at repetitive work, continuously producing accurate flame cuts by following a steel template. A powerful magnetic roller smoothly guides the cutting torch around any shape, cutting steel plate up to 4 inches thick. The Koike IK-54D offers all the convenient features of more expensive models with all the dependability and efficiency needed for your applications.

Template manufacturing is a simple process and as shown in the diagrams below, allowance is easily made for the diameter of the tracing roller as well as for kerf, with both external and internal templates. Once constructed, the template is quickly attached to the holder with a suitable size tip. The direction
changeover switch is then flipped to either right or left handed rotation. Power travels to the magnetic roller motor where speed can be adjusted from 100 to 1,000mm (4 to 39 1/2) per minute.
Features:■ Oxy Fuel Pattern Cutter Shape
cut steel parts

■ Ball Transfer Base
Allows easy positioning of the unit on the plate

■ Auto Start Cutting Oxy Valve
Start or stop machine motion with cutting oxygen valve

■ 3-Part Body Construction
Body consists of the pantograph, jaw and magnetic tracing system mounted on upper jaw with torch mounted on lower jaw; template fitting arm assembly and stand complete the construction

■ Magnetic Roller
10mm (25/64in) diameter standard roller follows shape of steel template fixed to template holder and accurately guides torch; 6, 8, 15 and 20mm available and allows various cut sizes with same template

■ Stable Cutting Speed
PWM control system ensures stable cutting speeds

■ Circle Cutting Option
Cut circles without a template 60-400mm (2.4-16 in) diameter

■ Cut Around Base of Machine
For larger part cutting

■ Light Weight
33kgs (72.5lbs), easy enough to carry just about anywhere

■ High Quality Tips
Koike’s superior design Series 100 torch tips are included to ensure fast, smooth cuts

■ Optional Snap Valve
One-touch on/off gas valve
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