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Application:Serves as Both Cutting and Welding Carriage
The IK-12Max3 is an new generation, innovative machine with a body structure systematized for different types of oxy-fuel/plasma cutting and automatic welding work.There are three major parts to the system – The advanced motorized carriage, a cutting torch unit and the plate track and accessories. All serving as independent units, the customer can choose the system needed for his specific requirements.
Features:■ Multiple Application Carriage
Oxy fuel cut, plasma cut or MIG weld with various attachments

■ Multiple Use Machine
Performs straight line and circle cutting or welding

■ Double Cone Stepless Drive System
Maintains constant travel speed even with high temperatures; allows greater speed control

■ 10 Torch Option Kits
Allows proper torch selection for each application; Koike’s superior design Series 100 torch tips are included to ensure fast, smooth cuts

■ Plate Rider Torch Option
Automatically maintains torch distance during bevel or straight cutting

■ Extendable 1800mm (72in)
Track Sections Cut longer parts

■ Optional Snap Valve
One-touch on/off gas valve
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