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Application:How Koike Tips Achieve the Most Accurate Cutting
Koike enjoys a world-wide reputation as a leader in the field of gas cutting machines.
Koike"s reputation is due in large part to their finely crafted gas cutting tips. Since a
poor tip can ruin the performance of an excellent cutting machine, Koike has
concentrated it"s efforts on research and development of gas cutting tips.
Koike"s approach sets it apart from it"s competition by virtue of their commitment to
continuously fund research and development of their cutting systems.
Koike"s clients benefit from their long history of gas cutting manufacture, torch research
and development, and experience cutting various
materials with such innovations as test machines to
check tip efficiency. Superior customer support means
superior cutting tip performance.
If you want your cutting tips manufactured to rigorous
standards so that they cut accurately, safely and
economically, then Koike is your choice.
Features:■ Design
Each Koike cutting tip is designed for proper gas efficiency and to provide the highest cutting accuracy possible

■ Safety
All 100 series and Epoch series cutting tips are designed to help prevent damaging flashbacks and backfires into the torch

■ Quality
Every cutting tip is checked for form, fit and function then fired and cycled to ensure that the preheat flame and jet oxygen are of Koike quality

■ Lifetime Torch Warranty
Koike 100 series torches carry a lifetime warranty against a damaging sustained flashback while using genuine Koike cutting tips (IK-82 torches excluded)
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