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Application:• These blocks can hold workpieces during electric discharge machining and grinding.
• They can be used as holding tools for assembly and light-duty machining.
Features:• The both sides can hold workpieces and can be turned ON and OFF individually. (2F models)
• They are secured to the worktable by turning ON and OFF the magnet. (2F models)
• The side faces (ON/OFF select faces) can also hold workpieces. (2F models)
• They are secured to the worktable using tapped holes provided on the mounting face. They can also be secured by having them held by a magnet chuck. (1F model)
• The operating areas are provided on both side faces to facilitate ON/OFF operation.
• Light weight for easy positional adjustment.
• The operating handle is removal and will not hinder the work.
One set of two blocks has been machined and finished together.
• They are of dripproof and oilproof construction to allow them to be used in fluid.
KANETECMagnetic Holder (MB-L)
KANETECMagnetic Dresser (MDR)
KANETECMagnetic V-Block (KMV)
KANETEC Magnetic Block (KPB)KANETEC Magnetic Block (KPB)KANETEC Magnetic Block (KPB)
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