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Application:TM-801 is a replacement for TM-701 that has been discontinued.METER IN COMPLIANCE WITH NEW MEASUREMENT LAWThe TESLA meter is a practical, handy type Gaussmeter having digital display that has been developed based on KANETEC’s long experience and achievements in the manufacture of magnetism-applied products.From the user’s point of view, this meter is designed for easy use by anyone by incorporating frequently used functions only.The external output terminal is also provided to enable digital or analog outputs. Further, the probe has been made smaller for measurement in smaller space.• Measurement of residual magnetism in machined workpieces.• Measurement of magnetic flux in magnetism-applied products.• Measurement of magnetic flux of motors.• Measurement of properties of magnetic materials.Features:• A wide range of measuring range from 0 to 3000 mT (0 ― 30,000 G). (DC)
• The battery life has been increased by about 30%.
The rigidity of the probe has been increased.
• The meter can be operated with a chargeable battery also.
• By connecting an optional cable (TM-601DTC) to the external output terminal, digital (analog possible) data can be transferred to a PC.
• The alternate magnetic flux density, in addition to direct magnetic flux density, can be measured. (50/60 Hz)
• The high resolution measuring mode ensures more accurate measurement. (Resolution 0.01 mT = 0.1 G)
• The unit of display can be changed over between “mT” and “G”.
• High dustproof by use of sheet keys.
• The auto power off function prevents useless waste of the battery.
• When the probe has been worn out, it can be replaced with a new one without troublesome calibration. (Optional)
KANETECMeasurement Probe for Tesla Meter (TM-801PRB.AXL)
KANETECTesla Meter (TM-801)
KANETECDigital Signal Output Cable for Tesla Meter (TM-601DTC)
KANETEC Tesla Meter (TM-801)KANETEC Tesla Meter (TM-801)KANETEC Tesla Meter (TM-801)
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