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Application:Permanent magnetic type lifting magnets used as a lifting section of cranes and hoists for transportation of steels in warehouses or machining shops or for mounting and dismounting workpieces to and from machine tools. These are suitable for transporting semi-finished products having a flat surface such as machine parts, press dies and plastic molds and for transporting mill scale steel plates and flat steels.Features:• All models are capable of lifting steel plates and round steels.
• Since a permanent magnet is used, no electricity is required and a risk associated with power failure and wiring breakage is eliminated.
• Very strong holing power, yet small and light weight.
The mounting and dismounting (ON/OFF) mechanism can be operated easily.
• Such a safety feature is incorporated that disables ON/OFF if a workpiece thicker than the standard (see Kanetec Lifting Standard) is not attracted to the attractive face.
• The lever is designed so as not to return rapidly at OFF in consideration of safety and durability.
KANETECHand Magnet with Grip (HM)
KANETECLifting Magnet (PL)
KANETECHand Magnet (HMB)
KANETEC Permanent Magnetic Lifma (Model LPR-V)KANETEC Permanent Magnetic Lifma (Model LPR-V)KANETEC Permanent Magnetic Lifma (Model LPR-V)
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