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Application:Suitable for separation of nonferrous metals from small pieces shredded by carshredders, electronic equipment wastes, waste slugs, waste glass (cullet),batteries, etc.
<Other applications>
● Molding sand for aluminum casting and nonferrous metal casting
● Refrigerators, washers and other scrapped appliances
● Screening of aluminum from bulky refuses and recyclables.
● Separation of aluminum from plastics such as plastic bottles and screw tops.
● Screening of aluminum from sludge discharged from fl uidized beds.
* This system is installed not only in wastes processing plants, materials feeders and materials discharge machines with adjust splitter, but also as part of plants such as nonferrous metal separators.
Features:● Collection of high rate separation can now be achieved.
● Designed with eccentric magnet structure!
● It can prevent biting iron plates and so on, life of drum shell and belt life improve.
● Maintenance performance is improved.
* Also refer the Facsimile Communication Form (inquiries data) at the end of this Catalog.
KANETECMagnetic Coolant Separator MAGCLEAN™ (MS-F/MS-FH)
KANETECNonferrous Metal Separators (BMR.MES-J)
KANETEC Nonferrous Metal Separators (BMR.MES-J)KANETEC Nonferrous Metal Separators (BMR.MES-J)KANETEC Nonferrous Metal Separators (BMR.MES-J)
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