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Application:â—Ź This unit is incorporated in the coolant purification and circulation system for grinders to remove iron particles, a major part of purification.
â—Ź When it is used together with a tank in which particles other than iron powder such as abrasive grains are separated by floating and precipitation, re-purified and regenerated coolant can be supplied to grinders again.

This model is specialized for grinding cool (water soluble). If the grinding fluid used oil type, the squeezing rollers may slip. When using oil type or chemical coolant, please consult with us. A special type equipped with squeezing roller forced drive is also available. Please note that when you update from out old type model MS-D, model MS-F may not be capable of the same performance depending on materials to treat. Please consult with us advance.
Features:â—Ź The construction of a stationary magnet and a rotary outer drum shell has no magnet in the area of the rake plate and allows smooth discharge of sludge. (The life of the rake plate is also prolonged.)
The magnetic drum rotation drive construction has been modified to improve durability significantly.
The squeezing roller tensioning mechanism has been designed anew to improve the squeezing performance.
The squeezing roller and inlet are covered to enhance safety as well as to prevent grinding coolant from splashing/scattering.
The outlet can be located on the right, left or bottom thanks to a good circulation system layout.
The high magnetic force MAGCLEAN (MS-EH: rare earth magnet) works efficiently for collecting weak magnetic sludge and minute sludge.
A type having a motor on the right side (MS-F-R) is also available.
KANETECNonferrous Metal Separators (BMR.MES-J)
KANETECMagnetic Coolant Separator MAGCLEAN™ (MS-F/MS-FH)
KANETEC Magnetic Coolant Separator MAGCLEAN™ (MS-F/MS-FH)KANETEC Magnetic Coolant Separator MAGCLEAN™ (MS-F/MS-FH)KANETEC Magnetic Coolant Separator MAGCLEAN™ (MS-F/MS-FH)
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