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Application:• These MAGHANDs are suitable for collecting iron pieces that are scattered around on the floor or mixed in media. Since they can also be used to remove and collect iron pieces from powder materials, they have a wide range of applications including machining, forging and food processing. They may also be useful in the household.Features:• The magnetic force can be turned on and off simply by one-hand operation.
• These MAGHANDs have a powerful magnet for strong attraction and a wide attractive face.
• Model HMC-50 has a long arm to make it suitable for collecting iron pieces in pits and enclosures.
• Model HMC-T10 is very rigid as its body is cased with aluminum. (High temperature type)
• Model HMC-K50 has a square rectangler to make it best suitable for collecting chips from T grooves. It is also useful for collecting iron powder precipitated in coolant tanks as it is of simple waterproof type.

• Attracting amount: About 0.6 kg of M10 plain washers and about 0.7 kg of M4 x 10 screws.
KANETECLifting Magnet Lifma (LPF)
KANETECPlate Type Magnetic Holder (KE-K)
KANETECPermanent Magnetic Lifma (Model LPR-V)
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