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Application:• The Battery Aces can offer about the same lifting and transporting capacity as electromagnetic types using a built-in battery where no power supply is available on indoor work sites. When they are mounted as a lifting means on cranes and hoists, they work well in organizing and arranging steel plates and steel materials and loading and unloading workpieces to and from large machine tools.Features:• Suitable for transporting small steel plates, fractional-length materials and light weight steel frames.
• The optimum magnetizing circuit has been designed to double the gap performance.
• A cam switch that facilitates ON/OFF operation is employed.
Easy to charge by simply opening the rear top cover.
• A new type of battery is used that withstands frequent charging/discharging cycles and has a longer life. The included charger is equipped with an overcharge prevention function to eliminate a fear of damaging the battery.
• Since no power cord is needed, they can be used on various work sites.
• There is no fear of accidental release of workpieces in the event of power failure or feeder cable breakage.
• The rigid body and guard acting as a grip also ensure high impact resistance and durability in severe work conditions.
• The remaining capacity of the battery can be checked at a glance on a 7-ranking level meter. • When the battery power becomes low, the warning buzzer sounds.
• The ammeter tells the state of power application to the electromagnet.
• An additional battery, for highly frequent operations is also available. (Optional)
• These models may be equipped with a remote operation function. (Optional)
• For the purchase of batteries, please contact us.
• For the automatic workpiece attaching/detaching function, please consult with us in advance.

• Rust and scratches on the attractive face adversely affects the holding power.
• Inspect/check periodically and make repairs.
KANETECSmall Electromagnetic Lifma (LMU)
KANETECHand Magnet (HMB)
KANETEC Battery Ace (LME)KANETEC Battery Ace (LME)KANETEC Battery Ace (LME)
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