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Application:Model, ST-30 is available for a feed back tool, namely for fastening counter. Detecting human error and fastening troubles is coming to be important. So far, twin coil hoses are used for such the air tool. NOW this new hose balancer can be connected with a feed back air tool directly and installing this equipment on the line makes the application simple. Finally coil hose problem will be cleared.

When the balancer is used as a retractor, max. capacity should be limited to 2.5kg
Hose size Outside hose 8.9 mm x 12.2mm
Inner tube 2.5 mm x 4.0 mm
*Two air inlets and two air outlets are provided for air/air feed back tools. The tool hose balancers are not available for air / electric feed back tools.

*Patent pending
Features:1. Fall arrest system against spring breakage is available.
2. Safe tension adjustment is provided by warm gear system.
3. Incorporated joints are equipped for main and counter air, which make fault detection and counting possible.
4. A small tube for counter air is passing through a large hose of inner dia. 8.9mm inside.
5. High endurance based on high quality
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