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Application:ENDO"s slip ring is excellent on durability, quality and more.
Slip ring assembly Slip rings are used to supply current to all kinds of rotating equipment. They are used for example on rotating cranes, manipulators, rotary tables, carousels, antenna installations, theatre stages as well as on all cable reel.

Main Application
• Industrial machines
• Machine tools
• Wrapping machines
• Food processing machines
• Medical equipment
• Optical machines
• Measuring instruments
• Game machines
• Communication machines
• TV camera
• Printers
• Turn tables
• Robotics
• Audio instruments
Features:ENDO"s slip ring qualities:
• SPM model is able to correspond and use for minute current.
• SR model and SRE model is able to apply for signal and power transmission.
• Silver brush would reduce contact resistance and minimize noise.
• New product, SRE model is designed for high-speed rotations.
• ENDO"s slip ring is compact design, lightweight and long durability.

ENDO offers a large variety of standard models for variety of specification and customer needs. Therefore, please feel free to ask for any question, your particular needs and requirements.
For specification details and advises, please feel free to ask us.

Max current: 0.2A-5A
Number of poles: 4P up to 18P
Max speed: 400rpm
Mass(Weight): 26g-320g
• Brushes: Paladium alloy and Platinum alloy
• Rings: Copper alloy with full hard gold plating
• Body: Aluminum die-casting
• Shaft: Stainless steel 304
• Direction Rotation: CW-CCW
• Temperature Range: -30/80
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