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Application:An oil pulse / impulse tool is a hand held tool with a hydraulic pulse unit integrated to control output torque without reaction or high noise levels.
Improvement over impact wrench -- better torque control, more durable, more ergonomic (less vibration), less noisy.
Choice of Auto shut off and non shut off.
Features:Wide range of torque capacityPistol type (5 - 450Nm)Straight type (5 - 47Nm)Angle type (8.5 - 60Nm)"Double Sealing" (Dupas"s own spec) allows better sealing in the chamber "Accumulator" (patent pending) is an extra space in the pulse unit that allows oil to expand due to heat. This prolongs the lifetime of the oil.TDI-30SD TDIS-30SD TDI 30SD TDIS 30SDTDI-40SD TDIS-40SD TDI 40SD TDIS 40SDTDI-50SD TDIS-50SD TDI 50SD TDIS 50SDTDI-60SD TDIS-60SD TDI 60SD TDIS 60SDTDI-70SD TDIS-70SD TDI 70SD TDIS 70SD
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