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Application:DUPAS PW is a cordless shut-off impulse tool with capacity up to 50Nm. The PW series provide the convenience of cordless tool and the ergonomics of pulse wrenches. It comes with a superior electronic shut-off function (patent pending) which allows for better torque control output on various different joint types; other pulse wrenches in the market shut-off by using only mechanical clutch valve that prove to be very weak in soft joint applications. Features:Minimal reaction forceVery visible status lights on the back of the toolPW Series Tools are equipped with electronic shut-off function that allow users to adjust “pulse numbers” according to different applications and joint types to reach the best performance and work efficiencyDurable brushless motor provide longer lifetime and wear-free components for lower maintenance and repair billsReduce the influence of oil temperature inside pulse unit to maintain torque accuracyPW-15 8-15Nm 4500rpmPW-25 15-25Nm 4500rpmPW-35 22-35Nm 3500rpmPW-45 32-45Nm 3500rpmComes with 2 choices of Li-Ion Batteries: 2Ah (BB180C-320) and 4Ah (BB180C-340)Charger B84192B input:100-240Vac output: 18-19.2Vdc Tags:dupas, du-pas, PW, battery tools, cordless, torque tools, pulse, impulse, soft joint, shutoff, shut-off, pistol,
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DU-PAS PW Series 18V Cordless Impulse Torque Wrench Pistol (7-45Nm)DU-PAS PW Series 18V Cordless Impulse Torque Wrench Pistol (7-45Nm)DU-PAS PW Series 18V Cordless Impulse Torque Wrench Pistol (7-45Nm)
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